Cardinia Storm Hockey Club



About Cardinia Storm Hockey Club 

Cardinia Storm Hockey Club (CSHC) was established in 2023 by a vibrant group of young women who love sport and share a passion for hockey.

As the first recognised hockey club within the Cardinia Shire, we strive to provide opportunities for everyone within our community to participate in healthy, safe, and inclusive hockey activities in a fun and family oriented environment.

The club is managed by dedicated volunteer staff, all of whom tirelessly provide their skills, time, and assistance to ensure the club can offer a variety of structured programs.

Cardinia Storm Hockey Club is a positive, team-oriented sporting community, inclusive of all ages and abilities.

Although a newly established club, many of our members come with 30+ years of hockey experience, including a premiership flag from the 2022 season.

We currently have one women’s team entered into the Pennant D South East competition with Hockey Victoria, and are looking to enter additional teams into mixed and/or women's competitions in the summer. We are also looking for new senior members to join us for the 2024 winter season.

Our junior development programs kick started in term 2 with hookin2hockey. A new hookin2hockey program has commenced for term 3, and we have additionally entered an under 10s team and an under 12s team into Hockey Victoria competitions. These programs provide an opportunity for local youth to participate in organised sports and build their skills in a positive, team oriented environment and share our love of hockey.




Participant focused

We aim to create a welcoming environment, with a commitment of resilience and continued effort in the face of adversity. We are committed to provide participation opportunities for all, while acknowledging and meeting their different needs.  


We will instil in our members that enjoyment for all is the main reason we play this sport. We will encourage our members and opponents alike, setting positive expectations for ourselves and those who participate within our club and facilities. We believe optimism is both contagious and will inspire others to share our  positive attitude and result in a positive experience for everyone involved.


We are committed to upholding our responsibility of keeping our members safe and advocating for their rights. We will endeavour to maintain up-to-date policies in line with legislation and share relevant resources with our members, ensuring they are readily available should they ever need to engage with external services and stakeholders.


We are committed to fostering an environment of unity and belonging for all. We promote diversity and inclusion, creating a culture that brings together members of our community through the love of hockey and passion for sport.


We understand growth is the only path forward to achieve our goals and are committed to the continuous improvement of ourselves and the participants in our programs. We will actively pursue formal and informal learning opportunities to foster growth at individual, team, and club levels.


We are committed to building and maintaining a deep culture of respect, safety, fairness and equality for ourselves, our teammates, fellow club members, opposition, sporting officials, volunteers and the wider community.

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